Rusman Sudaya

After spending 3.5 years in corporate directorship position, following his passion, Rusman Sudaya shifted and started to initiate his own environmental initiatives focusing on online environmental monitoring (IoT) and the plastic-free packaging store. At the same time, under The Landscape Id, he also contributes to the development of Indonesia National Circular Economy Strategy.

Prior to the career leap into managerial level as Sustainability Director for a palm oil group, he had spent 11 years developing various green house gases (GHG) emission reduction certification projects in South East Asia. Rusman is one of the few personels worldwide who successfully delivered the Certified Emission Reduction (CER), from the 4 CDM UNFCCC projects out of 12 projects he registered.  He also developed the methodology to quantify the GHG reduction from retrofitting diesel engine into natural gas that later becoming the approved ACM0011. In the field of waste management, his paper “Increasing productivity  by palm oil waste utilization” was adopted as the Ministry of Agriculture official guideline for palm oil waste treatment in 2006. He also successfully assisted the Government of Timor Leste ratifying the Kyoto Protocol in 2008.

Beyond the climate change technical expercience, he has also the experience in the financial industry. He was required to imposing the sustainability requirements into various investment projects, successfully completed the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) sustainability report (verified at Application Level A+) and also oversaw the Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Financing Terrorism; United States FATCA AEOI (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act-Automatic Exchange of Information) compliance for various company’s private funds.

Rusman gained his MSc degree from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Stockholm, Sweden. His subject is climate physics, focusing on modelling the CH4 emission from paddy field. His bachelor degree comes from Environmental Engineering Department, Bandung Institute of Technology with GPA just barely above the threshold. He chose more to be a grassroot political activist contributing to the downfall of Soeharto dictatorship than sitting in the class room.


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