Bridging sustainable landscape management with financial resources, Landscape Indonesia is formally incorporated as PT Bentang Alam Indonesia by four partners, namely Agus Sari, Tuti Hadiputranto, Jatna Supriyatna, and Aria Witoelar in 2016. The mission is to ensure that landscape management in Indonesia is carried out sustainably while sufficiently and sustainably financed.

Landscape Indonesia is currently developing a Landscape Incubation Facility for the Environment (LIFE), to assist and facilitate environmental and social entrepreneurs. Eventually, the incubation program will be equipped with a Fund to provide financial resources for environmental and social business.

Landscape approach is an approach that spatially and participatorily strives to balance seemingly competing goals of protection and production. It needs to be spatial that it needs to define the scope based on the key indicators that are the most strategic for the landscape-ecologically, economically, and socially. It also needs to be participatory as the approach needs to be planned, executed collaboratively, and monitored by all of the (direct, but sometimes also indirect) stakeholders. Landscape approach is not an entirely new concept. It is basically the practical approach of sustainable development that balances economic development, social cohesion, and environmental protection. Landscape approach has gained momentum lately to achieve the multiple goals in managing regional development.

A particular challenge in landscape approach is financing: how to sustainably finance the approach. The multiple goals in sustainable landscape management require innovative financing structure that in most cases unique for different landscapes. In general, however, the structure needs to take into account the combination of public and private sources, short- and long-term tenures, low- and high-risks, grant and commercial financing. The ultimate structure will blend these elements, combined with new sources of values such as successful capitalization of ecosystem services such as carbon assets, water sources, and fire management, among others.

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