The CEO of Landscape Indonesia, Agus Sari, hosted and opened a discussion at the Jurisdiction Collective Action Forum (JCAF), which was a follow-up to a webinar hosted by Landscape Indonesia in June 2021.

In this third JACF on 15 October, Agus Sari invites participants through opening questions: what is the investment case for sustainable and low-carbon development in sub-national jurisdictions?  How could it be realized?  What is the structure that will allow gaining from the increased favor for jurisdictional approach?  What needs to be done at national and sub-national levels to ensure that the jurisdictional approach can be well-designed, well-implemented, and well-financed?

Those questions will bring together the Jurisdiction Approach stakeholders to share experiences, best practices and identify common approaches that demonstrate the advancement of investment into jurisdiction level.

More than 130 participants joined this webinar to share experience, knowledge, and insight from key stakeholders (CSO, Donor Agency, Government, and Investors)  have opened opportunities for a further strategic partnership to work together in landscape jurisdiction.