May 26, 2022 ¾ Landscape Indonesia is urgently seeking for a short term ¾ less than one year ¾ consultant, with a view of possibly engaging him or her in a long-term full time engagement as circumstances permit.  We are seeking for development or regional economist who is capable of undertaking an input-output (I-O) analysis, an incremental capital-output ratio (ICOR) analysis, and a simple system dynamic modeling.  The jurisdictions are at the district (kabupaten) levels and input-output tables for the jurisdictions don’t exist yet.  As such, the analyses need to be carried out using existing statistical data.


The I-O and ICOR analyses are to be applied as a part of a landscape or jurisdictional analysis that seek to optimally harmonize land-based commodity production with ecosystem protection and conservation, otherwise known as a “landscape approach”.  The ecosystem protection and conservation is required to maintain the level of ecosystem services needed to eventually maintain the level of production of strategic commodities in the landscape.




Candidates need to at least hold an undergraduate (S1) degree in economics or development studies from credible educational institutions with experience in quantitative economics applied in regional development.  A master’s (S2) or doctoral (S3) degree holders in (quantitative) economics are preferred.  Excellent capability in communicating in verbal and written (reading and writing) English, especially the capability to write in English, is a must.  Candidates also need to be willing to work in the fields, creatively seeking information and insights that may not be available in existing publications.  While we are seeking for full time engagement, special circumstances with extraordinary candidates may allow part time engagement, but no less than 50 percent.


Candidates need to be a passionate, dedicated individuals who are able to work in a multi-disciplinary team with members representing ecologists, geographers, economists, legal and regulatory experts, social scientists, and community organizers.  They need to be a corteous member in the team work and is willing to go another mile to assist and strengthen the team.  They also need to have high level of discipline and capability as a project manager and executor.


Landscape Indonesia is a company that bridges sustainable landscape management with finance.  The company is a n equal and fair opportunity employer developing a diverse working environment.  Women and members of underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.


At present, due to the pandemic, the company still applies 100 percent work from home (WFH) policy, although very soon it may change to be a largely or partially work from the office (WFO) policy.  As such, capability in self-directing and self-discipline without the requirement for close supervision is necessary.


Please send your cover letter that includes your current and expected remuneration with your CV and examples of your written works that are most relevant with this announcement to no later than May 29, 2022, at 3pm WIB (Jakarta time).  Only accepted candidate will be notified.