Landscape Indonesia and The Forest Alliance (TFA) collaborated in developing the Green Prosperity Hub idea through a Jurisdiction approach.

Indonesia has long experience in discussing and developing Jurisdictional Approach (JA) concepts and approaches, especially when the REDD+ program began to be implemented in Indonesia. Forest Carbon Program in Berau, East Kalimantan, 2014 initiated by The Nature Conservation using the first JA approach. JA's approach is not only limited to the REDD+ program but is combined more broadly by including aspects of sustainable commodity supply at a landscape scale, as was the case with the Innovation Eart Institute and Earth Innovation (INOBU) for palm oil in Central Kalimantan. Various jurisdictional approaches then developed and were even initiated by a multi-stakeholder forum based on district jurisdictions, such as the one initiated by Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari. This Jurisdictional Approach is considered effective in promoting various objectives, among others, to promote sustainable management that integrates environmental, economic, and social objectives.

The various experiences and interactions of the parties, the central and local governments, donors, development partners, and CSOs show the progress of discourse and implementation of a jurisdiction-based approach. LI and TFA then put these experiences into a book entitled “Green Prosperity Hub A Business Case of Consolidating Sustainability Approach at the Jurisdiction Level”.


In addition, Landscape Indonesia organizes a Webinar entitled: “Investing in Jurisdictional Approach” which aims to gain understanding from the experiences of the parties in implementing the jurisdictional approach and promoting investment at the landscape scale through JA. The webinar was held on June 11, 2021, attended by more than 100 participants from stakeholders from Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region. 

Various inputs from the webinar were then facilitated by TFA to become a Jurisdiction Collective Action Forum meeting forum, which was held in collaboration with organizations and institutions that supported this forum. Agus Sari, CEO of landscape Indonesia was one of the panelists at the regular JCAF #2 event.

At the third JCAF, October 15, 2021, Landscape Indonesia was the organizer and co-host with TFA, with the theme “The Role of Jurisdictional Approach in Financing Low Carbon Development: Strengthening Jurisdictional Development through Inclusive Sustainable Financing for Deforestation-free High-Productivity Agriculture Commodities”