Financing for sustainable landscape management requires the ability for self-financing.  In many cases, that means developing landscape management initiatives as a business.  Since “landscape management" or "environmental initiatives" "as a business” is a new concept, developing it requires the special ability to see the risks involved and the uniqueness of developing the business.  For which, Landscape Indonesia is currently developing the Landscape Incubation Facility for the Environment (LIFE) to assist and facilitate environmental and social entrepreneurs develop their social and environmental business ideas, grow and upscale them to become sufficiently sustainable to produce their intended positive social and environmental impacts.  Eventually, the incubation program will be equipped with a Fund to provide financial resources to develop the social and environmental businesses internally.

Landscape Indonesia invites entrepreneurs to join LIFE by sending their business ideas or their growth plans to scale up their existing environmental businesses, to be a part of LIFE.  Please download the Project Idea Form here, fill it out, and send the filled out form back to

In summary, the process in LIFE is as follows:

  • Download the Project Idea Form, fill it out with your idea, and send it to  In addition to the form, please send your initial business plan, your financial plan, and your growth plan.  Please send any other documents that may help explain the idea better.
  • The Technical Reviewers in LIFE will preliminarily assess the project to see whether the it meets the requirements to be incubated under LIFE.  The Technical Reviewers will then recommend its decision (to accept, to accept with conditions, or to reject) the project.  For the projects that are accepted, they will be sent to the Independent Investment Committee for final recommendations.
  • The Independent Investment Committee will then deliberate on the project and decide on the final recommendation to Landscape Indonesia.  The Independent Investment Committee consists of individuals that have strong credibility in the areas required to review the projects.  They should have no conflict of interests with the project idea owners, with the investors, or with the leadership or staff of Landscape Indonesia.  A declaration of no conflict of interests will need to be signed by each of them.
  • There may be one or more presentations required, when needed, when the project ideas are being reviewed by the Technical Reviewers or by the Independent Investment Committee.
  • Once Landscape Indonesia accepts the recommendation by the Independent Investment Committee, then the incubation process begin.

The process will consist of two parallel processes, namely (1) mentorship to develop the Business Plan, the Financial Plan, and the Growth Plan, and to implement them, and (2) assistance with fund raising.  Typically, Landscape Indonesia will obtain co-ownership of the businesses that are being developed under LIFE.  This allows for complete alignment of interests between LIFE and the businesses being incubated, including taking the same risks as well as rewards from the incubation process.

Landscape Indonesia also invites potential funders and investors, those who would provide grants, equity, as well as loans, to also join LIFE by getting yourselves in the database so that when there are appropriate and interesting projects you will get notified.  Please send email to with your contact information as well as your areas of interests.

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