Can Indonesia achieve a target to fulfil its energy needs by 100 percent renewables sometime?  Paris Agreement to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is a way for all governments to limit the increase of global temperature not to exceed 2 °C, and limiting it as close to 1.5 °C as possible.  Unfortunately, current commitments by governments are nowhere near adequate to achieve that goal.  When all of the governments’ commitments to reduce emissions are successfully achieved, the world will only achieve less than half of the needed reduction.


Indonesia’s emission reduction commitments in the energy sector as stipulated in Indonesia’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement is a reduction of almost 19 percent in 2030 from its business-as-usual trajectories using own resourcers and 24 percent with foreign assistance. Landscape Indonesia is running a dynamic model to observe a number of scenarios of how the expansion of the utilization of renewable energy resources can happen.


Tanggal Terbit : 10 September 2020