Agus P. Sari - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sari is Chief Executive Officer of Landscape Indonesia. He was Chief Executive Officer of Yayasan Belantara (2016-2017), a $50 million fund to finance landscape conservation and restoration in Indonesia. He is concurrently also a Lecturer at the School of Business and Management, Bandung Institute of Technology. Formerly he was Deputy Minister / Deputy Chair of the Indonesian REDD+ Management Agency in charge of planning and financing for one year (2014- 2015) until the Agency was merged with the newly-established Ministry of Environment and Forestry under the new government, after having been a member and Chair of the Funding Instrument Working Group of the Presidential Task Force on REDD+ for 4 years (2010-2014) and concurrently also Senior Advisor for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Indonesia for its REDD+ and Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (2015). He was Co-Chair (with Prof. Christina Voigt from Norway) of the Work Program on REDD+ Finance of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (2012 – 2013) that turned into Contact Group on REDD+ Finance at the 19st Conference of the Parties (COP19) of the UNFCCC in Warsaw, Poland, that negotiated and decided on the financing instruments for REDD+ globally. 

Previously (2005 – 2010), he was Country Director, Indonesia, and Strategic Policy Director, Southeast Asia, of Ecosecurities, the world largest carbon asset management company. Under his management, Ecosecurities Indonesia obtained the Growth Leadership Strategy Award for Renewable Energy Company in Southeast Asia by Frost and Sullivan (2009). Prior (1999- 2005), he was Executive Director of Pelangi, a Jakarta, Indonesia, -based environmental think tank. He was also a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (2001-2007) as Lead Author. In 2007, IPCC obtained the Nobel Peace Prize. He obtained his advanced degree from the Energy and Resources Group, University of California, Berkeley, the United States of America. He also enjoys reading, photography, the arts, and the outdoors.

Nurdiana Darus - Chief Operating Officer

Nurdiana Darus is an executive with over 21 years of strategic programs development and implementation experience, advocacy and grassroots work, as well as operations management and stakeholders relations. Her experience spans across the private, public, and civil society sectors, and across agriculture, forestry, and oil & gas industries. In her roles, she works closely with key stakeholder groups –communities, corporations, development partners, CSOs, and government counterparts— to promote transparency and sustainable development, reduce inequalities, and promote better livelihoods in the agriculture and forestry sectors across multiple jurisdictions in Indonesia.

Most recently as Southeast Asia Director and a member of the Rainforest Alliance global management team, she worked to harness the organization’s strategy to meet and be relevant with country-specific and regional needs. She was also responsible for representing the Rainforest Alliance in the region and advancing efforts to work with our wide range of partners. As Advisor to the Sustainable Districts Platform, she works to strategize engagements and collaborations of multi-stakeholders to effectively deliver impacts of sustainable jurisdictions at District level. Prior to these roles, she held various leadership roles, including as Deputy Minister of the National REDD+ (Reduction of Emission due to Deforestation and forest Degradation) Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, Senior Advisor at the United Nations, Senior Manager at Accenture, and as the Executive Director of the Indonesia Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP) where she managed grant-making programs to achieve the IPOP members’ sustainable production and sourcing goals.

Ms. Darus is an information system strategist by training having graduated with cum laude from the University of Oklahoma and earned a Master’s of Science in Information Systems Technology from the George Washington University.   

Cindy Junicke Simangunsong - Legal Counsel

Cindy Junicke Simangunsong was a corporate lawyer who spent most of her career working in an energy sector. Prior to joining Landscape Indonesia, she was serving as the Legal Counsel for Yayasan Belantara and was also involved in aspects other than legal, including project management, policy and governance, engagement. Following her debut career as an Associate at DNC Law Firm (currently AYMP), she was serving as the Corporate Legal Counsel for multiple companies, namely PT Holcim Indonesia, Tbk., TAC Pertamina - PT Pertalahan Arnebatara Natuna, PT Kalma Propertindo Jaya, and a multinational iron ore mining company, named PT Earthstone Resources. Her specialties include general corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, banking and finance, and energy law.

Cindy graduated from Padjadjaran University, majored in International Law and Diplomatic & Consular Law. In 2015, she decided to pursue a higher education and obtained Master’s Degree in Energy Law (awarded with Distinction) from University of Aberdeen.