Rio R. Bunet

Rio R. Bunet is forestry specialist with expertise in biological conservation, agriculture, institutional development/capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, multi-stakeholder facilitator and stakeholder engagement, project cycle management, communication and knowledge management. With over 20 years of experience, he has taken on a diverse set of leadership roles for grant making system, food and renewable energy security, forestry and community development project. He developed rigorous monitoring and evaluation framework for biodiversity conservation, landscape conservation and jurisdiction approach and forestry governance programs and has collaborated with several national and sub-national stakeholder to enhance and build institutional capacity, through formulation of standard operating procedures, communication products and share learning systems.

Additionally, his has extensive work in building relationships and facilitating collaboration between both governmental and non-governmental stakeholder for better sustainable environment governance in forestry programs, and natural resources planning. He has involved the facilitation of workshop, field study and conduct communication and knowledge management system between relevant project stakeholder and developing strategies for partnership and outreach. He is leading as project manager in various projects: jurisdictional carbon assessment; agriculture supply chain baseline study, green growth plan development in PT Hatfield Indonesia (September 2019 to March 2021).

In the FLEGT VPA program (2008-2013), he also involved in a very dynamic negotiation process between Indonesia - EU government and also bridging the relations of TLAS community from Asia countries and EU delegations to exchange experience and knowledge in promoting and developing Standard Legality of timber and forest management. Those experiences had encouraged his service as SVLK national expert and liaison communication between Indonesia – EU focal point in Joint Implementing Committee Forum, contracted by European Forest Institute (2015-2017) and Forest Governance and Policy Manager in the Multi-stakeholder Forestry Program phase 4 (2019-2021).  During 2015 – 2017, Rio worked with provincial government, private sectors, university-research institutions and international communication agencies to set up Belantara Foundation’s key indicators for 10 landscapes in priority areas within 5 provinces and had developed multi-stakeholder landscape forums at provincial level.

He was actively involved in strategic engagement for Sustainable District Forum (Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari-LTKL) in 2018, he was working closely with head of districts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with CSO’s, private sectors and donor agencies through substantial support in designing support system that enable parties achieving goals in jurisdiction approach at policy level through collective monitoring & evaluation tools. During his works in LTKL with key stakeholder, his successfully developed Key Performance Indicator for sustainable development at district level with Rainforest Alliance and facilitating districts government, development partner forum (member of LTKL) to push local strategic agenda to national and global narrative and policy.


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