Landscape Indonesia, through its Circularity Program and its Landscape Incubation Facility for the Environment (LIFE) is developing a project that is considered as  a social green business.  This is an initiative to turn plastic waste into liquid energy utilizing pyrolysis technology, contributing to reducing plastic waste in Indonesia.  Landscape Indonesia wishes to scale up the utilization of pyrolysis devices throughout the country.  As such, Landscape Indonesia is seeking a Consultant to assist with the development of the business plan, especially of the financial plan, for the scaling up of this initiative throughout the country.

Landscape Indonesia, in collaboration with Yayasan Rumah Literasi Hijau (Rumah Hijau) and Yayasan Get Plastic (Get Plastic), has successfully carried out a pilot project in utilizing two pyrolysis devices in Pulau Pramuka, Kepulauan Seribu, DKI Jakarta.  The pyrolysis devices were developed and built by Get Plastic, while Rumah Hijau hosts and utilizes the devices in its already well-managed waste bank in Pulau Pramuka.  It has managed to reduce a significant amount of plastic waste and produced liquid fuel that is tested to be at the same standard with regular diesel fuel, through three laboratory testing and two field testing.  The fuel produced has been used by the fishing boats locally.


The scaling up process will be staged.  First, the pilot project will be extended towards the whole Kepulauan Seribu’s 11 populated islands, and a handful of other areas in Jawa, Bali, and Lombok.  Second, the country-wide scaling up will be executed alongside the expansion of the pilot projects.



Scope of Work


The consulting engagement will last for one calendar month, with workload approximately 10 person-days.  The following will be the Scope of Work for this position.

·       Developing a robust Business Plan, especially the Financial part of the Plan, together with the team already in place and working on the initiative;

·       Assessing the most suitable and feasible blended financing scheme and strategy for the initiative;

·       Coordinating with the rest of the Landscape Indonesia’s teams in developing the Business and Financial Plan, including with weekly reporting and coordination meeting (mainly online through videoconferencing);

·       Advising on the data requirements and assisting in data acquisition whenever possible to finalize the Business and Financial Plan, when data is not available internally;

·       Liaise with Landscape Indonesia’s existing partners in this initiative; and

·       Identifying, whenever possible, sources of financing — grants and investment opportunities in public and private sources.


Qualification and Requirements


The following will be the expected qualification required for the position.

·       At least an S1 (bachelor degree).  S2 (masters’ degree) or higher is preferred, in economics, finance, business, or environmental engineering.

·       With 7 years experience for bachelor degree holders or 3 years experiece for masters’ degree holders in relevant fields related to business finance.

·       Ability to self-directing and high capability to work strategically without supervision.

·       Collegial, ability to work in a team and to communicate on progress on a regular basis.


Landscape Indonesia supports equal career opportunity.  Those from minority groups are encouraged to apply.  Financial compensation commensurates with capability.  Please send your cover letter explaining why you are a good candidate for this job including your expected compensation, and the most recent CV to